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I am going to administer this assessment on Monday (11/19/2012) in my Oklahoma History classes after having studied the Great Depression and Dust Bowl for about two weeks. I will update you after Thanksgiving. I do wonder if you have considered making any part of the interactive rubric PDF files for grading "on the go" when the Internet is not available? Thanks for creating these; I look forward to testing them out.

Great suggestion! We are happy to say that we have created PDF rubrics and they should be available soon.

A common response my students made about Dorothea Lange information concerned whether or not she was a studio photographer before she was hired, and such was more reliant on staging photographs vs. taking pictures on the fly.

I think that it would be very useful, especially for high school level students, to also give some of the further background on this story-- my own APUSH students found this fascinating, and really added to the complexity of judging any historical artifact. See this excellent article from a PBS website: , which gives the mother's point of view on the whole photography issue-- quite different!

There's also this link with Lange's own view of the situation:

And here's another article from CNN that's an interview with the 4-year-old in the photo many years later:

Thank you for your comment. We're glad to hear your students found the assessment engaging! We agree that additional background information would be useful and will update the HAT soon.

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