Appeasement at Munich



Use the background information, your knowledge of history, and the document to answer the questions that follow. 

Background Information: This picture was taken at the signing of the Munich Conference.


Title: Meeting of Göring, Chamberlain, Mussolini, Hitler, Daladier, and others in Munich.
Author: Unknown
Date: September 29, 1938

Question 1: How is the meeting depicted in this image connected to the Treaty of Versailles?

Question 2: How is the meeting depicted in this image connected to the Nazi invasion of Poland?

About the Assessment

Like Connections to the Philippine-American War, this assessment gauges students' knowledge of the past.  Rather than measure whether students can simply recall decontextualized facts, this assessment requires students to make connections across time and construct an argument about how events are connected. Students with a strong sense of the past will be able to explain that the Munich Agreement can be seen in part as the result of the sanctions imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles.  A strong response to the second question will explain that the Munich Agreement emboldened Hitler, which eventually led to the invasion of Poland.