Louis XIV



Examine the engraving, source information, and background information to answer the questions below.

Background Information: The image below shows a bronze engraving by Antoine Benoist, an artist employed in the court of King Louis XIV of France. Each of the ten medallions in the sculpture depict Louis XIV at a different age. The inscription in the center reads micat inter omnes, which is Latin for “he shines among all.”


Title: Portraits of Louis the Great at Various Ages
Date: 1704
Artist: Antoine Benoist

Question 1: Why might the background information above lead you to question this work’s reliability as evidence of how Louis XIV looked?

Question 2: What is one thing you would want to know about Benoist or how he created this work to better determine its reliability? Why?

About the Assessment

Like the Lange assessment, this question asks students to engage in sourcing, contextualization, and corroboration. Students must consider how the background information about the creation of Louis XIV's portraits sheds light on its reliability as historical evidence. Students are then asked to think about what other information they might seek to help them evaluate the reliability of the document and explain how it would help them evaluate the document.