Qing Engraving



Use the document and the background information to answer the question that follows.

Background information: The Qianlong Emperor of China commissioned this print in the 18th century. The Qianlong Emperor was of the Qing dynasty.


Title: Storming the Encampment at Gadan-Ola
Date: 1765-1769
Artist: Jacques-Philippe Le Bas (based on a painting by Giuseppe Castiglione)
Place: Paris (based on a painting made in China)

Additional facts related to the print:
1.  The print shows the Qing army attacking enemy soldiers from the Zunghar Empire in Central Asia. 
2.  The emperor ordered that the prints be made to commemorate his military victories.
3.  The print was made by etching a copper plate, filling the grooves with ink, and pressing the plate on paper to transfer the image.

Question: Which 1 of the 3 facts above might cause you to question the reliability of the print as evidence of the Qianlong Emperor’s military campaign? Explain your reasoning.

About the Assessment

Like the Unions in Paterson, New Jersey assessment, this question gauges whether students can source and contextualize a document. Students must first examine an engraving commissioned by the Qianlong Emperor, then determine which fact might help them evaluate the engraving's reliability. Strong students should be able to explain how the fact that the emperor commissioned the print to celebrate his victories (Fact 2) could have influenced how the battle was portrayed.