Russia and Austria in World War I



Use the background information, your knowledge of history, and the illustration to answer the questions that follow.

Background information:
This illustration shows events from a battle between Russian (in brown uniforms) and Austrian soldiers (in blue) in World War I. The Russians won the battle.


Title: "Death Valley," The Battle of Mykhaylivka Village
Artist: S.Y. Fialkovskii 
Date: August-September 1914

Question 1: How is the assassination of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand connected to the fighting between Russia and Austria? 

Question 2: How is the Russian Revolution of 1917 connected to the fighting between Russia and Austria?

About the Assessment

Like Connections to the Philippine-American War, this assessment gauges students' knowledge of the past.  Rather than measure whether students can simply recall decontextualized facts, this assessment requires students to make connections across time and construct an argument about how events are connected. Students with a strong sense of the past will be able to explain that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand sparked World War I and that the fighting depicted was part of that war.  Strong students will also explain that Russia suffered tremendous casualties in World War I, which led to massive social unrest and eventually revolution.