Siege of Golconda



Use the painting and the background information to answer the question that follows.

Background information: The Mughal Empire emerged in the early 16th century and remained powerful until the 19th century. The painting below shows a Mughal military campaign in 1687 led by Emperor Aurangzeb against the kingdom of Golconda. The Mughal victory put the empire in control of most of India.


Title: Emperor Aurangzeb at the Siege of Golconda 1687
Date: 1750-1790
Artist: Unknown


The painting Emperor Aurangzeb at the Siege of Golconda 1687 helps historians understand what happened at Golconda in 1687. 

Do you agree or disagree?  

Briefly support your answer:

About the Assessment

Like The First Thanksgiving, this assessment measures students’ ability to source a document. When historians interpret a document, they first look to find out who wrote it and when. This information presents important clues about whether the document provides reliable evidence about the past. This assessment gauges whether students understand an important aspect of sourcing: the time elapsed between when a document was produced and the event that it depicts.   

Students who understand the importance of when a document was produced will see that this painting offers limited evidence to historians who wish to understand what happened at the Siege of Golconda because it was produced decades after the event depicted.