Tupac Amaru II



Use the background information, your knowledge of history, and the document to answer the questions that follow. 

Background Information:
This map outlines the route Spanish troops took in their attack against indigenous rebel leader Túpac Amaru II in 1781.


Title: “Plan of Cuzco and other provinces for the course of the king's troops against the rebel Joseph Gabriel Túpac Amaro [sp]” 
Date: 1782

Question 1: How is the battle depicted on this map connected to Francisco Pizarro?

Question 2: How is this battle depicted on this map connected to Peruvian independence?

About the Assessment

Students with a strong sense of the past will explain that Túpac Amaru II led a rebellion against the Spanish, who conquered the Inca Empire under the direction of Francisco Pizarro. A strong response to the second question may explain that Amaru’s rebellion destabilized Spanish control over Peru, partially leading to Spain's defeat in the Peruvian War of Independence. Alternatively, students may identify the call for independence enunciated by Amaru during the rebellion as the inspiration and precursor to the Peruvian War of Independence.