Deeper Learning Conference

March 29, 2017 - March 31, 2017
San Diego, CA

Attend a presentation by SHEG staff members about our civic online reasoning work.

Session description: Having grown up with digital devices, many young people can seamlessly tweet, post selfies to Instagram, and watch the latest viral videos on YouTube—sometimes all at the same time. But can these digital natives determine who has funded a website or evaluate the evidence provided in a debate on Facebook? These questions take on added significance in our current information landscape: vast amounts of information are freely available online and stories spread quickly without gatekeepers to verify their accuracy. Digital citizenship requires that young people be able to wade through online content, find trustworthy information, and develop claims backed by solid evidence. Despite the importance of these skills, teachers currently have few resources to develop students’ ability to evaluate the reliability of online information. The Stanford History Education Group has designed new assessments and curriculum to help students become more discerning consumers of digital content. During this session, participants will explore these new materials, examine sample student responses, and work together to draft plans for using these resources in classrooms.